With over 400 videos on youtube and patreon, we understand it’s tough to design and stick to a daily routine especially if you've already finished our four full-length programs (expand, embark, ignite, and pulse). That’s why we’ve spent some serious time going through every single video on our channel to put together three levels of monthly calendars with recommended daily classes.

each calendar is strategically designed to help you develop a strong mindful practice and unparalleled willpower.

Building you up with tutorials, foundational classes, strength training, mobility exercises, breathwork, meditation, and yoga lifestyle vlogs.

All with balancing the routine with recovery/rest days.

you can start on any day
of the month

Each day, you can expect the length of classes to be:

Beginner: 15-30 minutes
Intermediate: 30-60 minutes
Advanced: 60-120 minutes*

We REALLY dislike using the term 'advanced' in yoga but of course we need to categorize the levels somehow. This isn’t intended for you to think that by only doing the advanced calendar, that you’re an advanced yogi. Stay humble and remember that you are always a student in yoga, just as we are. 

*the advanced calendar is located on our Patreon Community. There, every class is no less than 60 minutes. It’s only five bucks to join as a Namaste Level Patron where you’ll also have dozens of guided meditations. If you upgrade, then you’ll also get discounts to our retreats, the full 20+ video handstand program, and a monthly live q&a.


Anything in black font is the suggested class(es) of the day, any other color video is an optional add-on: 

black | follow along class

red | mobility exercises

purple | yoga as a lifestyle vlog

green | tutorial

click each icon below to access / download the calendars


we're still working on a downloadable interactive PDF version for mobile; for now, you can only access the classes in the browser (both desktop and mobile).  

join the community 

join in the conversation and check out the #beginner, #intermediate, and #advanced calendar channels on our BnF Discord Server.