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no handstand experience necessary
just a willingness to learn


Then you’ve come to the right place! Training handstands will increase your strength/flexibility and also help develop your overall body awareness. Whether you’ve never been on your hands before or if you’ve been handstanding for years, our programs are a great place to start as well as to refine your hand balancing skills. 


1) This YouTube overview video "5 Absolute MUST KNOWS About Handstand"

2) Our 23-video Handstand Program offered for lifetime download access HERE

3) Since every body is different, private lessons allow for an individual assessment of your specific body to help you find your best handstand line. Flo usually offers Online Handstand Private Coaching but he currently doesn't have the bandwidth so this isn't being offered at this time.

[currently not being offered]

Practice makes perfect. You have heard that before, right? We believe that only practicing the right things make perfect. Often times, yogis practice an inefficient or unsafe form of handstand that will never enable them to confidently handstand in the middle of the room. That is the exact goal of this handstand coaching. In this program, we will work with you one-on-one to provide you the tools, drills, and mindset to eventually hold a freestanding handstand without any wall or spotter. This program is made from yogis for yogis, which means we focus not only on the movement and physical aspects of the practice but combine it with mindfulness so that the mental journey to handstand extends beyond your mat and into your life.


This training can only be done online (unless we're traveling to a city near you and you have a location for us to train).  We will cover the following topics specifically for your needs and level:


  • Mindset for success and mindfulness

  • Warm up flow

  • Fine tuning your foundations for handstand

  • Practice falling

  • Balance drills

  • Entry drills

  • Handstand line drills and corrections

  • Other shapes or variations of handstand you're interested in

  • Yin cool down and myofascial release to close and restore

Currently only Flo is offering handstand privates. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email us so that we can address questions before you sign up for a program.​

These sessions can also be booked for a different purpose, like online private sessions, mobility, meditation or any other focus that is part of greater topic of yoga. The prices and packages remain the same. Reach out to us beforehand if you want to book for a different purpose.

To book, you simply select one of the options below. Ignore the dates and times offered in the next step and continue with your payment until you see the confirmation screen. You will receive a confirmation email and  Bre will reach out to you via email within 24h and coordinate dates, times, and location (if in person) with you directly.

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