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Welcome (back) to one of the most transformative and inspiring events of your life: having a baby! Here on the website, I've compiled all the best resources we used to help you on the journey before, during, and well beyond a pregnancy. Many thanks to all the women who have come before me to guide me on this path.  Our deepest gratitude to our friends, family, and BnF Community for all of your insights, resources, hand-me-downs, support, and LOVE as we embarked on the magical journey to parenthood.

NEW Pregnancy Yoga PROGRAM COMING Soon...

This new program will have over 120 videos included. With over a dozen classes for each trimester (including the fourth), as well as several interviews, and a wealth of supporting PDF's, it's one of the most all-encompassing and diverse pregnancy yoga programs that exists.

The best part is that you can join at ANY stage during your pregnancy and postpartum journey and avoid paying for an expensive full-length program (especially if you're really only needing it for a few months during postpartum). For a monthly fee that costs less than a week worth of diapers, it's absolutely worth every penny.


If you're pregnant or know someone on the journey before/after pregnancy, then join the waitlist so you'll be the first to find out when the program launches! You will also be joining a very supportive community that will cheer you on every step of the way.


This program WILL be included on our Wolfpack Membership Platform so those of you that are already in it, will get the program automatically as part of your monthly membership!


Things we recommend

List of Baby Stuff & Books

FREE Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Hypnobirthing Training

To Prevent / Fix Diastisis Recti EveryMother

Lovevery Play Kits [$20 off]

IG Accounts:

1) Happy Cosleeper 2) Good Night Moonchild 3) Plant Based Juniors


1) The Business of Being Born 2) Orgasmic Birth 3) The Milky Way

4) American Circumcision (the only country that routinely does infant circumcision for non-religious reasons even though it's scientifically proven to cause brain damage and PTSD)


1) Evidence Based Birth 2) Doing It At Home 3) Evidence Based Birth 4) Natural Birth Podcast 5) My Positive Birth Podcast 6) My Body, My Baby, My Bump 7) Orgasmic Birth 8) Vegan Pregnancy Podcast

Special thanks to our incredible Birth Team:

Midwife OBGYN sent from heaven | Dr Elbia Martinez
Doula, Vegan Chef, Meditation Coach, Massage Therapist, Spanish/English Translator, Emotional Support, Pregnancy Guidance, and so much more | Naya Yasmin
Placenta Specialist & Closing the Bones Ceremony | Carmen Susana 
Pediatrician / Lactation Consultant | Dr Eliana Leon
AirBnb Hosts & Good Friends | James & Carola's Cuenca Loft

We're wishing you all the very best for a smooth and positive birth experience! 

Scope out our vlogs to learn more details on everything (and don't forget to join the waitlist for the pregnancy yoga program above)...

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