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yoga RETREAts
opening again in 2026

After several months of teaching live retreats and YTT events, we are taking a break and focusing on other big projects. The next retreat will be taking place in 2026. Join our newsletter to get notified when bookings open.

Scope out this Jan retreat video and this Feb retreat video for behind the scenes at how the events really felt!

If you're interested in attending a plant medicine retreat with our Ayllu Medicina family that we have co-hosted several plant medicine retreats with over the past few years, then please head to their retreat website.


Use our discount codes for any of the ayllu retreats we're not teaching at:


BREATHEANDFLOW for $111 off (booking for one person)

BREATHEANDFLOW2 for $222 off (booking for two people)


At our retreats, you will submerge yourself for a week of yoga, breath work, lectures, workshops, ice baths, delicious plant-based meals, local activities, and so much more. 


Immerse yourself in a sacred space allowing yourself to open up and receive deep insights as the catalyst for inner healing and personal growth. You'll leave with more energy and clarity, a renewed grasp on your life, your health, your well-being, and your future. 


With ice baths, a transformative healing space, and several yoga classes that integrate pranayama and meditation, you'll cultivate love and spaciousness as you tune into nature while tuning into yourself. This is a down-to-earth retreat for those who want the grounding experience of being engulfed by the healing land.


Connect more deeply with your Self, mother nature, and those around you, while opening yourself up to new possibilities, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by taking time to ground down with your community.


WARNING: if you're on the hunt for a yoga retreat where there's just two classes a day, shopping, gossiping, chillin' at the beach all day, then going out dancing and getting drunk at night, then our yoga retreats are NOT for you. We have a different way of hosting yoga retreats. When we sat down and put together our dream yoga retreats, we designed each of them with the agenda that would inspire *us* to attend the retreat ourselves.


We share everything we know and love, from creatively-sequenced power vinyasa flow classes that integrate functional range conditioning kinstretch to restorative yin yoga with essential oils, pranayama breathwork, meditations, ice baths, myofascial release therapy, satsang community gatherings, plant medicine with Shamans, and more. We'll snap some dope pics of you throughout the retreat and add the edited versions to the group photos folder afterwards so you can reminisce on the experience.  


If you’re at a pivotal moment in your life, processing a new direction, or looking for a transformative and meaningful way to remember who you are and reconnect to your personal power, THIS IS IT! Our retreats are designed for people interested in personal growth surrounded by a supportive community of new friends while exploring movement, breathwork, and activities that connect and challenge your body and mind. Our concept is, "you do you," so you're not required to attend everything in the packed agenda, but we deliver plenty of opportunities to make this an experience that will ignite positive shifts in your life if you show up and say YES!


We welcome all levels of experience. Thinking you're not "advanced" enough to attend yet? Think again. It doesn’t matter how long you have been practicing yoga, ALL our classes and workshops are for all levels, beginners as well as very experienced practitioners and instructors. Expect the movement classes to be accessible, challenging, and playful no matter your level of fitness. You don't need to be a yogi (whatever that is anyways) or a gym junkie - you just need to be a human being interested in growing. You can come alone, with your partner or with a friend - most of our retreat attendees are solo travelers and we become a wolfpack instantly - you’ll feel as though you’ve arrived hOMe.

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