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With almost 600 videos on youtube and patreon, we understand it’s tough to design and stick to a daily routine especially if you've already finished our five full-length programs (expand, embark, ignitepulse, and aware). That’s why we’ve spent some serious time going through every single video to put together three levels of monthly calendars with recommended daily classes. 

If you've participated in our calendars in the past, the new Ritual Calendars have been revamped with over 100 new classes!

each calendar is strategically designed to help you develop the ritual of a strong mindful practice and unparalleled willpower.

Building you up with tutorials, foundational classes, strength training, mobility exercises, breathwork, meditation, and yoga lifestyle vlogs while balancing with recovery days.

you can start on any day
of the month

Each day, you can expect the length of classes to be:

Beginner: ~30 minutes
Intermediate: ~60 minutes*
Advanced: 60-120 minutes*

We REALLY dislike using the term 'advanced' in yoga but of course we need to categorize the levels somehow. This isn’t intended for you to think that by only doing the advanced calendar, that you’re an advanced yogi. Stay humble and remember that you are always a student in yoga, just as we are. 

*the intermediate and advanced calendars are located in our Patreon Community where every class is at least 60 minutes. It costs 17 cents a day and is charged as a monthly subscription of five dollars.

to receive the free beginner calendar and the direct links to the intermediate and advanced calendars on patreon,

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Join in the conversation and check out the #beginner, #intermediate, and #advanced calendar channels on our BnF Discord Server.

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