We're Bre and Flo.

Yes, those are our real names.


We recently left our tiny home life in our RV when we quit our corporate tech jobs in the Silicon Valley and now we're embarking on a two year trip around the globe to teach yoga and explore different cultures. We publish weekly YouTube videos, and we teach workshops, lectures, and retreats. 

We love coffee, traveling, photography, and life. We believe that yoga is way more than doing poses on your mat; it's truly everything that is because it adds purpose and awareness to your life. Within our Breathe and Flow organization, we extend yoga beyond your rectangular mat and into your infinitely-spaced heart.

Check out the video to learn more about us and see our reviews below. 

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In addition to teaching individually, Bre and Flo (RYT 200 instructors) also teach co-lead power vinyasa classes in an approachable but challenging flow with an emphasis of body control and strength building movements by utilization of the breath to carry their students through their practice. They encourage students to play with their edge, challenging the mind in strong movements and long holds while providing a safe, encouraging, and nonjudgmental environment where each individual can achieve their full potential. They studied under Dylan Werner, Amber Henzi, Jennifer Jones, Avatar Yoga School in India, Jo Phee, and Linda McGrath. They also teach restorative yin yoga specializing in myofascial release. Knowing that the body benefits from movement while the mind benefits from stillness, Bre and Flo share their philosophy of mental stillness through the fluidity of a strong practice. They are both currently working towards their 500 hour certification in vinyasa flow yoga at YogaSource Los Gatos.