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WARNING: if you're on the hunt for a yoga retreat where there's just two classes a day, shopping, gossiping, chillin' at the beach all day, then going out dancing and getting drunk at night, then our yoga retreats are NOT for you.


If you're into that stuff, then we're very happy that you found what makes you feel good and we encourage you to scope out hundreds of yoga retreats that will fit you better at instead.

We have a different way of hosting yoga retreats

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our retreats are more like a mini one week training
on life

When we sat down and put together our dream yoga retreats, we designed each of them with the agenda that would inspire *us* to attend the retreat ourselves.


We share everything we know and love, from creatively-sequenced power vinyasa flow classes that integrate functional range conditioning kinstretch to restorative yoga with essential oils, pranayama breathwork, meditations, handstand workshops and daily drills, arm balances, myofascial release therapy, ayurveda, lectures on fasting, mindfulness, and more. We'll snap some dope pics of you throughout the retreat and add the edited versions to the group photos folder afterwards so you can reminisce on the experience. 

All of our retreats include plant based meals, beautiful accommodations, and local cultural events (depending on which retreat you attend), such as water temple healing, surfing, ice bath cold exposure, amazon jungle excursions, cacao ceremonies, shaman-guided sacred plant medicine ceremonies, spa and saunas, massages, hiking in the alps, and so much more.

you get the point.

Our mission is to share with you ALL the tools you need to be successful in your life so you can truly ignite the fire within your soul to chase your dreams and

catch them

Connect more deeply with your Self, mother nature, and those around you, while opening yourself up to new possibilities, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. See all of our offerings below and join us somewhere around this beautiful planet.

think you're not advanced enough?

We welcome all levels of experience. Expect the movement classes to be accessible, challenging, and playful no matter your level of fitness. You don't need to be a yogi (whatever that is anyways) or a gym junkie - you just need to be a human being that is interested in growing

scur'd to come solo?

You can come alone, with your partner or with a friend - most of our retreat attendees are solo travelers and we become a wolfpack instantly - you’ll feel as though you’ve arrived hOMe

We were grateful to teach several retreats around the globe in 2021 / 2022! 

Thank you to everyone that joined us in person! 

If you've been called to explore ayahuasca in a traditional, safe, loving, and supported environment, then we can't recommend the Ayllu Retreats enough. Read more about "Plant Medicine" in our FAQ to learn all about it.

There you can also find our Ayllu retreat discount code.

When are we coming back to teach yoga retreats? 2023...ish. 

In 2022, we're focusing on our newborn baby, settling into a home after 2+ years of living out of backpacks, and gearing up to launch our Yoga Teacher Training in 2023. 

We appreciate that you're eager to attend a retreat but please don't email us and ask "what other yoga retreats can you recommend since you're not teaching any beyond March 2022?" The truth is that we've never attended a yoga retreat before and we very rarely even attend other yoga teachers classes so we genuinely can't recommend any. The best advice we can give is to find another  teacher that you have practiced with and aligns with your vibe/philosophy.

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