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  • Have a product you'd like to collaborate on?

  • Own a yoga venue and you're interested in hosting us there? 

  • Work at a company and you'd like us to put together a private yoga class exclusively for your team?

  • You've already scoped out our world tour agenda but you still have questions about an upcoming workshop, retreat, yoga music festival, or other event we're scheduled to teach at?

  • Would you like to message us to give feedback, insight, love, vent, photos of your dog, whatever? 

  • Are you tracking our whereabouts on our world tour and you'd like to connect F2F with us when we're in town to snag a coffee, tea, hike, or show us some awesome local secret spots? (we promise not to geo-tag!)

  • Have a specific request for a yoga class you'd like us to teach? 

  • Are you a musician and you'd like to have your song featured on our Spotify Yoga Playlist of the Month or in our YouTube videos (having your song on Epidemic Sound or SoundStripe increases your chances of us using it in a YT video)? ps thank you for your offering and sharing your magic music with the world!