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 frequently asked questions

  • I'm new to yoga, where do I begin?
    Welcome to the wonderful healing world of yoga, we're grateful to have you here with us! We recommend that you begin with Day 0 of our 7-day Embark Beginner Yoga Program, and then you can jump into the free 30-day beginner calendar. We have over 600 free classes on our YouTube channel so if you're looking for something in particular, you can use the magnifying class to search. We recommend incorporating yoga (movement, breathwork, and meditation) into your daily routine for optimal long-term health.
  • I'd like to deepen my yoga practice and begin attending longer meditations and longer/stronger yoga classes, where do I go?
    Amazing to hear that you're ready to travel a bit deeper on the journey to your Self. Head over to our Wolfpack platform where we share exclusive content found nowhere else: 60+ minute yoga classes, guided meditations, many full programs and series, a monthly community video call and much more.
  • Can I suggest a song for you to use on your Spotify Playlists or in your YouTube videos?
    We'd be honored to use your music suggestion and we're happy that you are taking the time to share it with us. Please use our BnF Music Submission Form to send over your beats!
  • What type of yoga do you teach and where did you get your E-RYT 500 and functional movement certifications from?
    We mostly teach vinyasa yoga but we're also certified in hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, myofascial release therapy, reflexology massage, functional range conditioning, and reiki energy healing. Flo is also a Structrual Integration Therapist. You can learn more about our teaching history, certifications, and our Yoga Alliance profiles at the bottom of our "about us" page. ​
  • How can I stay up-to-date with your current whereabouts, events, and offerings?
    The best way is to subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on the gram @breatheandflow. You can find our upcoming events here.
  • I have an injury/pain in muscle/joint, how do I fix it and should I keep practicing yoga?
    Yoga can be incredibly healing but it can't fix everything. It's great that you're aware of sensations of pain and we wish we could give you specific advice but for one, we're not licensed medical doctors nor therapists so not only should we be leaving that to the professionals but secondly, it's nearly impossible to diagnose anything over an email/IG/FB. It's always recommended to go see a licensed physician if you feel pain (as you should never 'yoga' your way through pain). We recommend looking into physicians that are specialized in Functional Range Conditioning (Kinstretch) and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI). In the meantime, we still advise that you continue to move your body in all directions but of course avoid any sensations of pain. Scope out this videos that can assist with common pain points: wrists, shoulders, back. Usually pain in the body is a result of either under use or overuse; the sooner you get it checked out and fixed, the sooner you can be back to using your body to it's full range of movement. If you've been in pain for a long time, don't give up hope, the body is meant to heal and it will always be moving in the direction of healing if you give it the right combination of movement, rest, mediums, and tools.
  • I would love to learn how to handstand, where do I go?
    We offer handstand training in three different avenues: 1) This YouTube overview video "5 Absolute MUST KNOWS About Handstand" 2) Our 20+ video Handstand Program offered exclusively in our Wolfpack Community 3) Online Handstand Private 1:1 Coaching. Since every body is different, private lessons allow for an individual assessment of your specific body to help you find your best handstand line.
  • Do you have tips for a mindful pregnancy and birth?
    YES! Check the "pregnancy & babies" page for recommendations on products, books, hypnobirthing courses, apps, and youtubers we can recommend for a smooth, healthy, and positive pregnancy and birth experience.
  • What's your diet like?
    We only eat plants. Scope out all the details on the diet page of our website.
  • Do you have resources to recover from trauma and PTSD?
    Here are a few suggestions we have on your journey to heal and recover from trauma: Overcome Trauma with Yoga 6 ways to heal from trauma How to rewire your brain after trauma The Body Keeps the Score video Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises Christina Lopes DPT The Wisdom of Trauma Movie & 7h video course How to get through depression
  • I would like to develop a consistent daily yoga routine, what do you recommend?
    Since each person has their own physical and mental history/goals with yoga, it's difficult for us to give a specific program of individual classes as everything is relative (an easy class to you might be nearly impossible to someone else). Best advice we can give is to do 30+ min of movement/breathwork/meditation everyday. The easiest way to achieve that and stay on a schedule, is to do one of our 30-day yoga calendars tailed to beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. Once you've completed at least one 30-day calendar, then we we encourage you to explore the other 600+ free classes on youtube (10 - 45 min classes) or our Wolfpack Membership Platform (60 - 180 minute). Throughout your week, sprinkle in some strength classes, mobility drills, Yoga for Men episodes (regardless of your gender), restorative, breathwork, and meditation. Our only requirement is to make sure that you're taking 1-2 rest days each week (restorative/yin/breathwork/meditation only classes - no strength) to allow your muscles to recover/grow so you can prevent injury and build/maintain muscle. Try different things out and explore it for yourself - nobody knows your body better than you do! Some days you'll have more energy than others so it's good to not put your routine 'in a box' and instead just do what feels right for you each moment on the mat.
  • Do you have yoga music playlists that I can listen to and use in my own classes?
    Indeed. Check out our Spotify channel where we feature our Yoga Playlist of the Month, 60+ 1-hour vinyasa playlists, and 10+ other general type lists (savanasa, meditation, morning coffee, plant medicine, yin, etc).
  • Are the Yoga for Men episodes really only for men or as a different gender, am I advised to also practice them?
    The main purpose of creating the Y4M videos is to create a safe and welcoming space for men to practice yoga by having an instructor that's also male. In the western world, yoga is a female dominated activity so these Y4M videos aren't meant to exclude other genders, they're meant to *include* men. We believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY and everyone should feel welcomed in the yoga community. Many of the Y4M classes that Flo taught were actually sequenced/written by Bre and the class itself is very interchangeable between Bre teaching or Flo. So regardless of your gender, you can still practice the Y4M episodes! Keep in mind that they're not intended to be practiced as a daily program; for that, we recommend doing one of our 30-day calendars (see above) which will include some Y4M classes but also integrate other forms of practice and rest days to give you a more well rounded yoga practice.
  • You often speak about "Plant Medicine." What is it and how can I learn more?
    When we speak of plant medicine, we're specifically referencing Ayahuasca which is an entheogenic brew made from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf. It is used in traditional ceremonies among the indigenous tribes of Amazon and creates a long-lasting psychedelic experience - it's one of the most transformational medicines known to mankind. Ayahuasca encourages healing on all levels specifically including trauma, depression, and addiction but its effects are unique to each individual. It is common to experience powerful cleansing and healing from this medicine, in addition to receiving life changing lessons during ceremonies. This enables many to look deep within and release what causes your suffering. However, Ayahuasca is not a magic pill. The medicine shows, teaches, and gives tools to deal with imbalances in life, but committed spiritual and physical work beyond ceremony is necessary to maintain the benefits of the medicine. We recommend working with an Authentic Healer Shaman for ayahuasca/san pedro and never consuming it outside of a formal ceremony. This is mainly to honor and respect the Indiginous Peoples of South America who have kept the tradition of this healing medicine alive for thousands of years. You can learn more about Ayahuasca from our Shamans website FAQ, Third Wave, and this book "The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook." If you've been called to explore Ayahuasca in a traditional, safe, loving, and supported environment that supports local Indiginous Amazonian tribes, then we can't recommend the Ayllu Retreats enough. They have a very thorough screening process ensuring that you're physically and mentally eligible to partake. We have worked with the Ayllu Medicina Family to offer Plant Medicine at our retreats in Ecuador and after experiencing the environment with their Shaman Aime and his wife Hwaneetah, we will most likely never try Ayahuasca from anyone else. We trust the Ayllu Team with our life and we wouldn't be referring them if we didn't truly believe in the healing power of these plants that have personally changed our lives on a level we never even knew we existed. If you feel the calling to explore Ayahuasca, then use our discount codes for any of their monthly retreats: BREATHEANDFLOW for $111 off single occupancy BREATHEANDFLOW2 for $222 off double occupancy There are other forms of plant medicine that we also use such as San Pedro (only during ceremonies with our Shaman in Ecuador), Psylocibin Mushrooms, and Marijuana. Psyilocibin Mushrooms bring you into different levels of consciousness, have been known to heal depression, and encourage you to explore the space of infinite possibilities among other things. Our very good friend and female business owner started Mycrologi; a secure, safe, and trusted website to purchase Psylocibin Mushrooms and other supplements / medicines. Head to her website here and use our discount code BREATHEFLOW for 15% off! You can learn more about microdosing on this Third Wave page but you must also do additional research on your own. We recommend working with a licensed therapist for psylocibin mushrooms. We aim to provide content that helps you feel safe, supported, and empowered as you follow your path towards personal transformation. With that said, we can’t offer medical advice and we don’t encourage illegal activities.
  • How can I become a certified yoga instructor?
    Whether your goal is to teach or simply uncover new depths in your own personal practice, we're excited that you're ready to become a certified yoga teacher and take the next step to invest in yourself by deepening your knowledge about yoga! The upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT) at our Breathe and Flow Yoga Academy will be taking place in 2026 but you can head over to our YTT page to learn more and join the newsletter to be notified when bookings open. If you understandably can’t wait that long, then we recommend checking out Dylan Werner, Patrick Beach & Carling Harps, Almut Schotte, Jonah Kest, and Danni Pomplun’s YTT's as we respect their teachings and their style is very similar to ours. ​ In addition to the western teachers mentioned above who are usually most advanced in sequencing and modern functional movement, we also recommend doing an additional training in India, the birthplace of yoga, preferably in the style of hatha/vinyasa and not in ashtanga/kundalini. In India, the eastern philosophy is very heavily rooted and you'll learn a lot more about breathwork, subtle energy, doshas, ayurveda, culture, and energy healing than you would from any western teachers (even us!) Flo did his initial 200h YTT in Rishikesh India at Avatar Yoga School which he generally recommends but you can read his full review here. If Avatar doesn't align for you, then there are literally hundreds of schools in Rishikesh that you can do your training at. Generally, we recommend taking trainings from teachers that align with your philosophy of life and you appreciate their style of teaching. Many teachers may look great on paper but we *highly* recommend only taking a training from someone that you've taken/attended classes from so you know their style and level of mindfulness ahead of time before investing so much time and money.
  • What does your triangle logo represent?
    It's a combination of many aspects: 1) A triangle is simple and minimalist which we love but it also contains a profound meaning symbolizing strength, change, and transformation. 2) Triangles are mathematically significant as they are exceptionally strong and they are also fundamental to the way we build our environments, both physical and virtual. 3) Triangles are often used in BJJ which is the other mindful movement activity we practice alongside yoga. 4) Our logo was hand painted and took over 100 variations with our very patient Graphic and Material Design Artist. The design has an open end similar to the ensō meditation circle which we each have tattooed on our calves. The ensō is a manifestation of the artist at the moment of creation with a single brush stroke and the acceptance of our innermost self. It symbolizes strength, elegance, one-mindedness, infinity, enlightenment, and the Universe. 5) A triangle is an ancient symbol of divine union which is why this was chosen as our first matching tattoo after only meeting each other a few times. Our triangle tattoos are a powerful symbol for us representing true love, transformation, and stability; placed specifically on our feet as a notion of grounding and roots.
  • Do you lift weights? What other training do you do?
    No. Watch this video to hear why we quit the gym seven years ago, how we still keep in shape, and learn why we feel stronger and healthier than we ever have before. In addition to bodyweight movement we train BJJ several times a week and modify our bodyweight movement routines to constantly provide new input to our body to increase strength and resiliency.
  • What products do you use and recommend?
    Everything we use to run our life and our yoga business as digital nomads can be found in our kits. Recommendations for yoga mats, books, documentaries, business tools/software, plant-based foods, camera equipment, backpacks, bluelight glasses, barefoot shoes, pregnancy/baby products, airbnbs we've stayed at, and just about anything else you would ask us.
  • How do you edit your photos on instagram, your website, youtube?
    Flo takes and edits all of our photos. He created our own Presents and we use them for over 80% of all of our photos for our three instagram accounts, this website, and our YouTube thumbnails.
  • Can I hire you to teach a private online zoom class?
    While we *really* appreciate the interest, this is not something we do. Since we travel full time and don't have a home base, finding a solid location that's large enough to film, doesn't have interruptions/construction, and has fast internet is very hard to come by (especially on a budget!) so we can't offer zoom classes during this time. If you're a company and you'd like to hire us for a team summit, event, or tailored team videos, then please email us at and we can send over our corporate video rates media kit.
  • Can you teach classes tailored to children and/or seniors?
    No, it's not our niche of teaching and it's best to find an instructor that's certified in teaching those age groups. You can search the Yoga Alliance database for registered children yoga teachers (RCYT) here​. Regarding seniors, if you have a hard time finding teachers, then the Embark 7-day beginner program could be used but modifications will need to be made depending on their physicality (any movement is better than no movement so start with Embark until you can find a specialized teacher!)
  • I want to learn more about your tattoos.
    1) What's the meaning of the patterns? In summary, the style we rock on most of our body is called sacred geometry and these are the sacred patterns of the universe and nature. These patterns will reveal themselves to those in stillness as these are the patterns of life seen everywhere at all times. All patterns and all placements came to us in deep meditations. 2) Who are the artists? Flo's sleeve: @oliver_kenton, Flo's leg: @onewhomakestiles, matching snowflake on foot: @onewhomakestiles, Flo's wolf: @marksingtoroj13, Bre's sleeve: @marksingtoroj13, bre's forearm: @juketattooist. 3) Can you send me a close up photo and/or design? No. Please contact our artists if you're interested in getting art done by them.
  • I understand that everything you give on YouTube is completely free. How can I give back?
    Thank you SO much for even considering giving back to us. We've been running this channel for four years and most of it, without monetizing a single penny. To give back, you can either join us on Patreon for a monthly subscription starting at $5 USD, or you can give a one-time donation via PayPal or Venmo. Even if you're not in a place to give financially, know that we still truly appreciate your support by practicing with us online and sharing our channel with your community. We couldn't do this without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏✨💙

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