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Helping You Live More Comfortably In Your Body With Structural Integration Bodywork

Hi, I'm Flo! Structural integration (SI) is a form of holistic bodywork that aims to bring the body to a place of harmony and holistic health. When receiving SI work you may feel an increase in energy, more range of motion, better athletic performance, greater awareness of yourself and your surroundings and often a reduction of troubled areas that caught your attention in the form of pain.


Often people turn to structural integration because conventional treatments failed to bring long lasting resolution and ease. This work sees the body as an entity of relations. All areas in the body relate to another and the body relates to its environment (especially gravity). Only by addressing issues holistically and with respect to its related areas can we achieve lasting resolution and harmony. This is the goal of this work.

I believe that we’re all born harmonious and connected. Then life happens and we cover this sense of harmony and connection up. Our bodies and our posture changes. We change.  There might be an emotional component to it too. The perception of ourselves and our relation to all around us changes. More often than not we move away from this open and pure state we’re all born with. This work is one way to bring you back to this space within yourself. From this place you can finally take meaningful action and live fully.

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My Path and The Work

Often people come to me knowing I am a yoga teacher, and say they have this and this issue, and if I have a stretch for that? And yes, I do but unfortunately things are deeper than what we can reach with some stretches on our own. Often we’ve been stuck in certain patterns for decades that only cause pain and problems now. You need someone to put their hands in there, open things up and then you continue with an intentional movement practice such as yoga asana. Awareness increases through this work and hopefully helps you make changes and notice when you fall back into old habits. Then there is this brief moment where you notice and decide “not now”, over time changing your habits. It is often these old habits that brought us these troubles we have today.


Besides structural integration being a powerful tool for physical transformation, it is an effective tool for personal and spiritual growth. With this work we create more space in your body for the beautiful passenger inside, navigating this human experience. Through the practice of yoga we explore who exactly this passenger is. I am well equipped to guide you both in bodywork and yoga through my many years of experience on this path. Structural integration therefore does not only help create more space, but since we’re working with tissue that connects everything in our body, it also helps us experience our true self in relation to everything else around us.


Outline Of A Session

The beauty of structural integration is that the work is unique to your body and gives you exactly what you need. It is an individualized practice just for what you need, as it should be. This work is very systematic, approaching and treating the body in a holistic way. Each session is 90 minutes and starts by looking at your body in full coverage underwear (and bra if applicable) from the front, back and sides. There are often simple movement assessments and I then come up with a plan for this session and what to track throughout the entire series of sessions to support your goals and create ease and functional strength from within.

The full twelve session protocol for total body transformation and harmony:

  1. Superficial Front Line

  2. Superficial Back Line

  3. Lateral Lines

  4. Spiral Lines

  5. Deep Front Line Lower Body

  6. Deep Front Line Upper Body

  7. Deep Back Line

  8. Head, Neck, Jaw

  9. Integration Lower Body and Walking

  10. Integration Upper Body

  11. Arm Lines

  12. Spine and Full Body Integration


If you are new to structural integration I suggest starting with three sessions, which gives us both solid time to work and get to know each other. These are the first three sessions of the 12 session protocol above. We will then evaluate how you would like to continue. If you can only make one session, then this is a nice introduction to this work where you learn more about your patterns and get introduced to the kind of touch I use. To get the full benefits from this work, I suggest going through the 12 session series which as you can see addresses the entire body in a very strategic and systematic way. We are both working together for more harmony for body, mind and spirit (mindbodyspirit as one entity).


The actual bodywork will take place on a professional treatment table and bench. You are very active in this process with your awareness, breath and simple movements. We get into areas of the body that might have been asleep, inactive or overworked for a very long time and activate the entire body again with encouragement for cooperation and harmony amongst all its complex relationships. 


I am a Board Certified Structural Integrator (IASI) and graduated from the Anatomy Trains school for Structural Integration in summer 2023. I work mainly in Las Vegas, NV, USA. This work has been a very transformative and beautiful journey for me and I am convinced it will help you on yours towards harmony, connection and holistic health. Holistic is healthy is holy.​

Price and Location

The current price per session is $150.

For active members of The Academy of BJJ Las Vegas, active military and veterans the price per session is $110.

I don't accept tips.

Nevada state license for Structural Integration #NVSI.0021



If you cannot travel to Las Vegas and need to find a certified structural integrator near you take a look here.

OR you book an online session with me to get an individualized structural (posture) assessment.

Start by filling out this form.

Let's work together to align your body for more harmony through structural integration. 

Sessions will take place at:

Flow Bodywork Structural Integration

10020 W Cheyenne Ave #111

Las Vegas, NV 89129

(Inside The Academy of BJJ)

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