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Structural Bodywork

Flo offers a form of bodywork with the goal to align the body closer to the vertical axis so that gravity can flow through you more efficiently. This enables you to feel more energized, enjoy greater range of motion and freedom of movement, often while letting go of restrictions that have caught your attention in form of pain.


This work is based on fascia, which is the connective tissue in your body, keeping everything together but also everything apart and views the body as one unit navigating many relationships of its areas to another.


The three session series Flo offers is the entry point to more harmony, ease and awareness in your physical body. Ultimately this work gives you a better understanding of your body and yourself.

My Path & The Work

Hi, I'm Flo! Over the many years of teaching yoga and movement, I realized that many patterns are deeply held in our bodies and cannot be resolved in our own movement practice. We simply cannot "exercise" or "yoga" these "away." There is not a pose for everything to fix your problems! You likely did not take such good care of your body as you do now, so certain patterns from the past decades are likely affecting the deeper structure of your body.


Even with all the specializations I have in mobility, functional movement, different styles of yoga asana practice, and the thousands of hours of teaching and continued education, at a certain point I needed the support from a bodyworker to use their hands to release these patterns. Structural integration has helped me tremendously in releasing such patterns that were holding me back from the ease, strength and harmony I was looking for (and I know I had in me, and so do you) and therefore have transformed my yoga practice and well being on all levels for the better.

I decided to become a structural integration practitioner to offer this work myself and to help you get to a harmonious place within your body from which you can ground, energize, feel at peace, and be ready to create the way of life that you know is the right one for you.

As a current student in the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) certification course, I am allowed and required to offer the three session series. All sessions given are a mandatory part of the training and needed to reach the final certification. This three series work is a great introduction to structural bodywork. These three sessions endeavor to illuminate possible causes of difficulties in troubled areas which may have been previously overlooked or discounted.

Bodywork Fee

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Personal Assessment

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Lower Body

Upper Body


50% off discount during my certification training and will be at full price starting July 2023

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not offered until July

Superficial Front Line

Superficial Back Line

Two Lateral Lines

Balance the Spiral Lines

Core Lower Deep Front Line

Core Central Deep Front Line

The Deep Back Line

The Cranial Session

Integrating the Lower Girdle

Integrating the Torso and Breathing

Integrating the Shoulders & Arms

Balancing the Lines & Joint Tissues

Will be offered after my certification completion starting July 2023

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What can you expect during a Structural Integration session?

  • A detailed history about your health 

  • Posture analysis

  • Movement assessment

  • 90 minute session 

The first session is dedicated to the lower body, the second session to the upper body, and the third session focuses on the spine. For our first session, we sit down and go over the history with your body, your lifestyle and activities, and define some goals that give us direction and keep us both on track.

Every session is conducted in full coverage underwear (and bra if applicable). I will need to observe you standing and sometimes walking or performing other simple movement tasks several times during a typical session to assess functional and structural restrictions and patterns. The work itself is done on a professional treatment table using my fingers, hands, and arms to contact certain tissues and then I will ask you to move in specific ways while these tissues are opened and realigned.

Get in touch!

Let's work together to align your body for more harmony through structural integration bodywork. 

Sessions will take place at:

The Academy of BJJ

10020 W Cheyenne Ave Ste 110

Las Vegas, NV 89129