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WE're Hiring!
jump on the
breathe and flow train

Our mission is to give people the tools to foster their growth and live the happiest and healthiest life they can through the teachings of yoga. When you work at Breathe and Flow, you become a part of this vision and help remind humans that we're all on the path of seeking peace, dignity, love, and joy.

Each member of the team...

  • chooses love over fear

  • uses their talents, skills, resourcefulness, and creativity to create work they're proud of and that is meaningful

  • continues to explore, learn, and grow both individually and professionally

  • treats everyone with respect and dignity

If you want to jump on our train and become a part of our mission, we'd love to hear from you! 

We're currently hiring the following positions: 

We're no longer accepting applications for:

  • Administrative Business Partner

  • Vertical Video Editor

  • Copywriter

  • Marketing Assistant

  • Graphic Designer Layout, Print and Publishing

Click each position to learn more and apply today!

If you have an amazing skillset you think is useful at Breathe and Flow, but is not part of the list of jobs above, then  please apply initiatively by filling out this form.

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