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Ignite 28 day FREE yoga program

Since it takes a month to develop a new habit, we created a 28-day FREE yoga series that is approachable but challenging for both beginners and experienced yogis. We spent a couple of months meticulously designing, teaching, and filming an incredible ALL LEVELS yoga program that will help you develop a routine. This program gives you the tools you need to discover more movement in your body and explore more stillness in your mind.

Consider snagging these suggested props ahead of time:
1) Tennis ball / muscle therapy ball / lacrosse ball
2) Two yoga blocks or thick books
3) Bolster / thick pillow / couch cushion
4) Yoga strap / belt
5) Yoga mat [fine to use carpet / floor but better to invest in a good quality mat]

This program doesn't cost you a penny. We genuinely just want people to feel healthier in their bodies and happier in their minds.

<< No catch. No gimmicks. Just love. >>


Ready? AWESOME. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and start with the Day 0 video within the Ignite Playlist this Sunday! 

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